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We in Pueblo County, and all essential county workers in Colorado, need a protected voice at work so we can partner with management to solve the crucial issues plaguing our departments. This right already belongs to Colorado’s state workers and the majority of private sector workers, it only makes sense that Colorado’s county workers be afforded this same, basic freedom.
Some legislative leaders want to give all local public worker unions the power to collectively bargain, but they're up against a lot of powerful opponents.

As Boulder workers who have seen firsthand how unions improve their members’ lives, we are thrilled that one of the bills in the pipeline for this year’s Legislative session would give Colora

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. – Jefferson County Public Library workers made Colorado history last week by becoming the first group to organize a union under the state’s new collective bargaining law for county employees. The workers voted to form a union with AFSCME Council 18.   

Our bill would simply give workers the choice to join a union and collectively bargain if a majority votes to do so, instead of continuing to allow government bureaucrats and local politicians to choose for them. I cannot think of a purer form of local control than giving hundreds of thousands of public servants a seat at the table when decisions are being made that directly impact the communities they serve every single day.

In a huge affirmation for the bargaining team, every member of AFSCME Local 3927 (Council 18) voted for the first collective bargaining agreement for Adams County, Colorado, employees.

The historic contract includes yearly raises for human service workers, just cause disciplinary procedures, a neutral grievance procedure, bilingual pay stipends and salary increases, and requires the creation of labor management committees to address worker concerns.